Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud server,

Help Organizations solve business challenge.

Free,worldwide, easy to build ,manage your application tools in cloud

Microsoft Azure – Main service

Virtual Machine

SQL Database


Apps Services



Azure in Open (AIO)

Customer demanded for public cloud and storage cloud. Instant reaction for use is very important. Enterprise customers can purchase, deploy and manage Azure cloud solutions quickly by purchasing a large number of Azure Open licenses from Microsoft re seller partners (we). Azure in Open (AIO) is the stored value card mode.


  1. No Credit Card
  2. Instant use

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

CSP partners can purchase Microsoft Cloud Services on a single platform. CSP allows partners to have end-to-end customer lifecycles and relationships; set prices, terms and bills directly to customers; directly deploy and manage subscription accounts; add value-added services; become the first line of contact for customer support. This is a pay-as-you-go service. This means that the partner only needs to pay for the usage of the service used in the customer's subscription account. You don't need any low or promised usage, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Payment is required for any unpaid expenses incurred. Simply put, we will provide an account to the customer, the customer is free to use the program on Microsoft. Microsoft will send us all usage under the customer subscription account, which is opened monthly. Then we will charge the customer.

Benefit :

  1. We will manage your programs (including extensions and updates). Customers only need to pay for the program you need, and can be added and cancelled anytime, anywhere, and flexible.
  2. There is only one bill per month, clearly indicating the amount. Avoid multiple different bills to make the number difficult to manage.
  3. Advisory service
  4. Tailor-made plans for each guest to avoid unnecessary expenses.

eeio as Microsoft Golden Partner,We can Advise and Tailor-made your cloud service.

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